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Yuki Twitter 2012.09.09335 viewsそしてこれは…「オンドラムスこれながこういちー!」(想いっきり間違い。正しくは佐藤強一さんです!)をやっちゃったUKATSU瞬間かもしれない。野崎さんありがとうございます(^▽^;)。そして強一さんごめんなさい(>o<;;)。

"And then this... 'On drums Korenaga Koichi!' (Totally wrong. It should be Sato Kyouichi-san!) I guess I did that in an UKATSU moment. [something like 'I might have been careless in the heat of the moment and ended up saying that.'] Thank you Nozaki-san (^â–½^;). [thank you for what? maybe for taking the pic] And excuse me Kyouichi-san.(> o <;;)."
(translation by Varete)
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